Halloween Night

Tutorial Supplies Here

-Ready to Start-

Open new image 600 x 600

Flood fill using the following color: #c56532

Open mask from supplies.

Copy and paste as new layer onto the image.

Change the masks layer Blend/Mode to Screen.

Open misted scenery image from supplies.

Copy/paste as new layer onto the image.

Place the scenery image behind the mask.

Using the deform tool stretch it out just a bit.

Just so that it fills in the inner part of the mask a bit more.

Does not matter if you leave the black areas of the image peeking through the mask. As you can see, that is the way I left mine...:)

Open witch tube from supplies.

Resize her to 450 x 637 pixels.

Copy/paste as new layer onto the image.

Place her to the left side of the image.

Place your name and merge all layers.

Open Animation shop.

Copy the image by going to Edit/Copy and paste as new animation into animation shop.

Duplicate the image 9 times so that you will have a total of 10 frames.

Once you have the 10 frames, go to Edit Menu and choose Select All.

Make sure you have the slider all the way to the left where you can see frame 1.

Now open the bat animation I included in the supplies.

Go to Edit Menu and choose Select All.

Now using the mouse button, click on the bat in frame one and drag him onto the witch image also placing it in frame 1.

Once you have the bat in the place you want it, let go of the mouse button.

You can now view and save your animation...:)



This tutorial was written by Diana's Creations on September 28, 2009
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental
Property of Diana's Creations